A few Hawaiian labels

One of the most beautiful labels with a Hawaiian title, this Lyric record was produced c. June, 1917 in the USA
an Odeon records test pressing – recorded in Germany, on February 23, 1932, as per the (mx 9917) label notation, this is a re-recording of the same title, which was originally recorded Sept. 25, 1931 (mx 9582) – this test was not released
A Phillipine label – date of release is unknown but quality of the shellac suggests mid 1950s, recorded in the Phillipines
although it says “Recorded in U.S.A” this record was recorded in pre-WW2 Poland by an unknown artist, date also unknown. The original issue was Syrena-Electro 661.
An Argentinian Victor record. Les Loups was a wildly popular group there consisting of Gustón Bueno Lobo on steel guitar and Oscar Marcelo Alemán on guitar & 12-string guitar. This was recorded in Buenos Aires c. December 1927.
An autographed Sol Hoopii record… by Harry Owens! (who had virtally nothing to do with Sol) – Courtesy Dave Bartholomew
Another Lyric label, of Hawaii’s most famous, and most recorded, song – with a corrected issue number printing error – Courtesy Dave Bartholomew
Tropic records were produced for the local Japanese market by Bell records in Hawaii in the late 1940s and early 1950s – very rare today