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Ge record labels

an early un-numbered Gennett client label
a label in the regular 20000 Personal series
a series within the Personal series -
for Irish ethnic consumption
Community Chautauquas label - The Chautauquas circuit was a very successful touring circuit mostly in the east and midwest that did tent shows of everything from oratory to Hawaiian music. I believe they began in the early 1920s and closed down in the early 1950s
An unnumbered Personal record that uses the true matrix number as the issue number, less the take indicator, of course! - Courtesy Dave Bartholomew
Another custom pressing
A numbered KKK recording - courtesy Dave Bartholomew
the obscure "chain surround" Gennett label - it was only recently that this label style was accredited to Gennett - courtesy Dave Bartholomew
Courtesy Dave Bartholomew
Courtesy Dave Bartholomew