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[Hawaiian Discography web site under construction]

Great news abounds!

     My discography, "Hawaiian & Hawaiian Guitar Records 1891 - 1960" is now available for purchase.

     The body of the work, in alphabetic chapters, covers 1269 pages; the appendices cover another 143 pages. The discography also includes 41 pages of introductory material, including a short history of Hawaiian music in Hawaii and the United States.

     This reference work retails for $75.00 USD a copy, including shipping, handling and applicable local taxes, from Mahina Piha Press. It is written for Adobe Acrobat, and programs for the three main platforms - PCs, Macs and those using Linux - are supplied at no extra charge.

    Here is how to order:

    For US and Canadian buyers payment may be made by personal check to
Malcolm Rockwell, P.O. Box 1064, Kula, HI 96790-1064
or by PayPal at <malcolm@78data.com> or you may email me
for further options.

    International buyers may use PayPal at <malcolm@78data.com>
or you may email me for further options

     Eventually, a portion of this website will be devoted to artist biographies, pictures, label variations and other material of interest to the Hawaiian collector / researcher. I hope to have an open discussion area where changes and additions can be posted by readers and where we can hash out things like personnel  - a subject I am always willing to hear more about - and error correction.



(page updated Aug. 4, 2007)

Mal Rockwell
P.O. Box 1064
Kula, Hawaii 96790-1064
Ph: 808-878-2715 
email: malcolm@78data.com